If you’ve been to your local gym in recent months, you’ve probably noticed a few new pieces of equipment in the cardio or weight-lifting section. Upon further inspection, it’s like that you noticed the name of this new gym equipment: a whole body vibration machine.

If your first glance at one of these machines left you shaking in your cushioned gym shoes, not to worry: this article will show you what a whole body vibration machine is, and how it can help you rid yourself of unwanted fat fast.

A whole body vibration machine is exactly what it sounds like – a machine that uses small but frequent vibrations to make your whole body gently vibrate. Whole body vibration machines usually look like a massive weight scale, but with a larger area to stand on. If you stand on this area, you’ll experience a total body vibration. If you place just a single foot on it, you’ll isolate the vibration to your legs, and so on and so forth.

The whole body vibration machine is a revolution in the fitness world because science has proven that these machines cause your muscles to work up to 40% harder during normal exercises. For example, if you’re a fan of the tricep-sculpting push-up, then doing one on a whole body vibration machine will give you a much tougher workout. And as any fitness fan knows, a tougher workout directly translates into faster weight loss results.

To make the most of the whole body vibration machine – without looking like the dreaded amateur – try placing one foot on the bench and stretching into a deep lunge, or do push-ups with your hands planted firmly on the platform. If the vibrations make you dizzy or make it hard for you to concentrate, take a water break until you get your bearings. With repeated use, you’ll eventually get used to how the machine works.

One of the best benefits of whole body vibration is that just by STANDING on the machine, you give your circulatory system and your lymphatic system a boost. This in turn will up your metabolism and increase muscle development. It will also help give your body a great detoxification! If you want to maximize your fat-loss success, then partner Zerona Zone treatments with whole body vibration workouts! It’s the ultimate answer to your toughest fat folds and belly bulge!

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