Let’s face it: not many of can live without our daily hit of caffeine.

But if you would rather sit through a three-hour lecture on the subatomic particles of an atom than go without your morning cup of joe, then you might be shocked by the following information – particularly if you’re trying to lose weight and shed fat fast.

Most of us know that caffeine dehydrates us; but just why does our favorite hot beverage make us feel like we just ran a marathon in the Sahara Desert?  The answer is simple: it’s because caffeine is considered to be a diuretic.

A diuretic is any drug that speeds up the rate of urination.  As anyone who has ever gone on an energy drink binge knows, our bodies are not meant to handle that amount of caffeine.  So while your small cup of coffee during that boring departmental meeting might not be so harmful, consuming more than three cups of coffee per day – or any other drink with caffeine in it – is forcing your body to go into diuretic overload.

You see, caffeine dehydrates us because its diuretic effect causes the body to lose out on vital fluids.  The human body is made up of two-thirds water – and when a diuretic is introduced to the system, it starts to mess with our body’s delicate hydration balance.  That’s why you feel so thirsty after downing an extra-large cappuccino from your favorite café.  Your body is being deprived of its valuable fluids, so it’s asking you to take in more.

Now here’s where it starts getting tricky.  If diuretics are responsible for speeding up waste removal – and we’re talking about both kinds here – why is that considered to be a bad thing for weight loss?  Shouldn’t the removal of waste speed up the weight-loss effect?

It makes sense in theory; yet there are two words preventing you from achieving your ultimate beach body through caffeine: water retention.

When the body is dehydrated, we experience the all-too-familiar sensation of thirst.  When you whet that thirst with a tiny bottle of water, your body clings to it in the form of water retention.  Hence, you’ll experience that bloated and uncomfortable feeling that usually comes only once a month.  To get past the point of water retention, you have to drink up to two liters of water per day – and that’s when the body starts to experience real hydration.

As you can see, caffeine is a surprisingly innocuous diuretic that could be sabotaging your weight loss efforts.  If you want to learn more about weight loss and nutrition then contact Zerona Zone today, or call 720-384-6710.