Want to know a little secret?  When it comes to maximum weight loss, maintaining a healthy figure and ramping up your metabolism, nothing is more effective than a healthy cleanse or detox.

If you’re conscious about your weight loss efforts, chances are you’ve heard about these little miracle workers.  Cleanses and detoxes are specific systems used to help the body clean out the dangerous toxins that hold on to bulging fat cells like lifeboats.  Additionally, cleanses and detoxes are perfect for those individuals who want to restore their internal systems to their optimal working level.  For example, a colon cleanse can help your colon to process waste and detoxify the body faster, while a detox can purge out the free radicals that build up in the body due to constant exposure to air pollutants, stress and unhealthy diets.

In short, if you want to jumpstart your weight loss and restore your body to its optimal health, then cleanses and detox treatments are precisely what you need.

If you’re interested in undergoing a Zerona laser treatment and want to accelerate the cold laser’s maximum fat-blasting powers, then here are some amazing additional treatments that Zerona Zone offers:

  • Whole Body Vibration Therapy: Wondering what that vibrating machine at the gym is for?  Get ready to meet your new best detox and workout friend. Whole body vibration therapy has been proven to give muscles an aerobic workout similar to an hour of cardio – in just ten minutes. The Zen Pro 5900 machine can help the body drop weight faster, improve joint health, increase circulation, and SO much more.  Just by standing on the vibration plate, you’ll start seeing your waistline shrink even before your Zerona treatment.
  • Chi Exercise Machines: Chi machines offer another form of passive aerobic exercise that delivers maximum weight loss results. Chi machine sessions can produce a wealth of healthy benefits, including improved spinal and hip alignment, increased lymphatic drainage, weight loss, and sounder sleep. Lay back, relax, and give you body the gift of chi sessions.
  • Ionic Detox Footbath: Combining the best of the spa and weight loss worlds, an ionic detox footbath draws toxins out of the pores of your feet with mild ionic currents in the salt waters of the footbath.  It’s incredibly safe and efficient, and comes with numerous benefits, including strengthening the immune system, increasing concentration and focus, and enhancing the metabolism for maximum fat loss.

When you’re looking for maximum fat loss from your Zerona, try these detox treatments along with your Zerona sessions. Or, even without Zerona, you can purchase sessions of each individually!

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