Ahh, cholesterol.  It’s a word that’s often used with a mix of fear and dread.  No one ever talks about their enviably low and robust cholesterol levels; instead, all we hear about are sky-high levels that turn foods like butter into the enemy.

If you have high cholesterol or you have it in your family history, your doctor might have already advised you to start losing weight.   Your doctor’s right: diet, exercise and medication are some of the best ways to lower your cholesterol levels, thus allowing you to lead a healthy lifestyle that’s not plagued with fear over what’s in your food.

With so much advice about fat loss and cholesterol running rampant through the Internet, it’s no wonder many of us have associated the two as being highly correlated; the more you have of one, the lower you have of the other.  However, it’s important to point out that it’s not necessarily the fat loss that’s responsible for lowering your cholesterol levels…

…It’s your new healthy eating regimen.

Foods that are high in saturated fats and salt are the primary culprits for giving more than 102 million Americans high cholesterol levels.  Yet it’s important to point out that cholesterol isn’t necessarily a bad thing – like with most things present in the human body, its original design was to protect us from disease and invading foreign germs.

You see, cholesterol is responsible for helping the body repair itself when it has been damaged.  Think about the last time you stubbed your toe; did it get all red and swell up to twice its size?  That was your cholesterol settling in to repair the toe from any damage incurred.  When the swelling goes down, the cholesterol leaves the damaged area and gets ready to fight another day.

When you have a diet that’s mostly comprised of foods that are high in fat, salt and calories (I’m looking at you, fast food), the fats begin to collect, clog and harden within the arteries leading to the heart.  Your cholesterol levels immediately sense the foreign entity and get to work “repairing” the damage.  However, that foreign entity isn’t leaving without proper diet and exercise – and the longer it stays, the more cholesterol your body produces to fight it back.  Finally, the arteries become so inflamed and clogged that they eventually close up, thus leading to heart disease and even fatal heart attacks.

Maintaining a healthy level of cholesterol in your body is crucial to living a happy and healthy lifestyle.  Therefore, if you have high amounts of cholesterol, your best bet is to ditch the junk food and eat foods that are good for you.  Once you make this move, the extra weight will practically melt off itself!

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