The lymphatic system is a branching network responsible for the collection of excess fluid sitting outside of your cells. For Zerona Zone’s purposes, the system carries the exposed fat from your fat cells and winds towards your lymph nodes, with is extremely important for the movement of the released fatty material.

During the Zerona Zone procedure, it is strongly encouraged to implement some form of lymphatic stimulation to enhance your results. When the fatty material is released by the Zerona treatment, it will enter the space regulated and controlled by the lymphatic system. If left inactivated, the fatty material will continue to sit within this region and simply be reabsorbed by the cells it was released from. Our goal is to get this fat OUT of your body, so having your lymphatic system running smoothly is so important!

Several methods can help stimulate the lymphatic system — all of which are easy! We encourage you to incorporate any or ALL of these methods for maximum success of your Zerona laser treatments:

1) HYDRATE!!!!! (I’m sure you’ve heard us say this already, right?) Especially in Colorado, we all need more water. But it is KEY to successful Zerona treatments. Proper hydration is very important and is the leading issue for clients that do not receive maximum results.

2) LYMPHATIC MASSAGE – We include a lymphatic massage for each client throughout Zerona Zone’s treatments. It is a mild or light massage that assists lymphatic drainage. It helps the fatty material that is released to properly get to the lymph nodes and process for removal. In addition to the licensed massage that you will receive from Zerona Zone, you can also rub lightly across your treated regions daily to add additional support.

3) EXERCISE – Don’t go crazy and think that you suddenly need to start pumping iron or training for a marathon. However, light to mild exercise definitely supports maximum success during treatments. If you get additional movement to your treated areas, you will be activating your muscles. This directly promotes lymphatic stimulation, supporting the removal of fatty material. Walk, squeeze your buns when your sitting still….SOMETHING! Anything you add will increase movement in your lymphatic system.

4) REDUCE FAT INTAKE – We’re trying to remove fat from your body. If you’re driving through McDonalds after your Zerona treatments….need I say more?

5) BREATHE - Sounds basic, but deep cleansing breaths do SO many things for our bodies. Amongst the many health benefits of deep breathing are its cleansing properties for the lymphatic system. We know that the lymph surrounds all the cells in our bodies. Correct breathing techniques remove the toxins from these cells through the lymphatic system. Deep breathing is also known to release endorphins, or in layman’s terms, your ‘feel good hormones.’ These are natural painkillers in the body and help relax the muscles and nerves. So BREATHE in order to help expel fat — and just to feel good!

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