There’s no denying it any longer – summer is finally here.  The days are getting longer, the temperatures are starting to rise, and your favorite retail stores are gearing up for the season with a slew of bikinis, shorts and tank tops.

There’s only one question that remains: are you beach body ready?

Scientists have shown that our bodies are more susceptible to piling on the fat during winter.  But if you’ve given up on that New Year’s resolution to shed those stubborn pounds and rock your sexiest body yet in time for summer, then there’s still hope for you yet…

…And it doesn’t involve a crash diet, juice cleanse or any other wacky weight-loss fads.

If you’ve never heard of the Zerona laser before, then you’re in luck: this laser is the ultimate method for dropping fat fast.  A Zerona laser is a type of cold laser that helps stimulate your body to dispose of excess fat cells by using your own natural detoxification system.  Just one treatment with the Zerona laser means that you can start slimming down faster, just in time for that summer wedding or beach bash that you’ve been dreading.

So what exactly is a cold laser – and why is it so effective at banishing all of that stubborn fat you just can’t seem to drop?

Cold lasers have been around for years; however, it’s only been recently that scientists have discovered just how beneficial cold lasers can be for weight-loss.  All lasers have their own specific wavelength, which can promote different behaviors within our cells.  High power lasers (also known as hot lasers) have a higher frequency, which means they can be used to cut through tissue during surgeries.  Cold lasers have a much lower frequency than their higher counterparts, and therefore can treat cells without carrying the risk of burning or cutting.

For years, medical professionals have been using cold lasers to treat a variety of symptoms, including headaches, allergies, inflammation and other health nuisances.  However, when scientists targeted fat cells with cold lasers, they were amazed at what they discovered.  The cold laser caused the fat cells to break down and liquefy quickly. Once the fat cells had been liquefied, the natural detoxification processes of the body banished the fat, resulting in quick weight-loss without additional diet and exercise.

The Zerona laser is a powerful cold laser that’s used for these precise reasons.  The Zerona laser quickly targets your fat cells in the treated area and breaks down the fatty tissue without causing damage to your surrounding tissues.  What’s more, the Zerona laser doesn’t allow fat cells from other body areas to grow in response, which can be an unfortunate side effect with other targeted weight-loss treatments.

When it comes to achieving your beach body quickly and safely, there’s only one word you need to remember this summer: Zerona!  Zerona Zone offers laser treatments to residents throughout the greater Denver, CO area. Contact Zerona Zone today or call 720-384-6710.