If you’ve heard of the Zerona treatment, then it’s likely that you were a bit skeptical as to how it worked.  After all, you know that the Zerona laser treatment uses nothing more than a low-frequency cold laser to break up and shrink fat cells – but is it really as simple as undergoing painless laser treatments to lose fat?

In other words, is the Zerona laser a gimmick?

Get ready to jump for joy, because when it comes to the Zerona laser, there is an overwhelming body of evidence to support this innovative cold laser treatment as one of the best fat-blasting options to date.  Developed more than 30 years ago, cold laser was initially used to treat a wide range of common ailments, including headaches, wounds, swelling, and pain.  Several years back, the Zerona laser was introduced as a pre-treatment for Liposuction patients.  First shrink the fat cells, and then remove them. When doctors noticed that patients undergoing Zerona laser treatments were seeing significant fat loss, the medical community was instantly intrigued…

…And the Zerona laser treatment for fat-loss was born.

Wondering how it all works?  Unlike high-frequency lasers, which are used for surgical procedures and in manufacturing plants, the Zerona laser is a low level laser (In other words, it operates at a much low-frequency than its counterpart.) However, this doesn’t mean that the Zerona laser is any less effective as a high-frequency laser – it just means that the laser can stimulate tissues and cells without damaging or burning the treatment area.

With regards to fat loss, the Zerona laser is directly targeted towards the fat cells lurking in problem areas of your body.  After discussing which areas you’d like to treat with your provider, he or she will use the Zerona laser to liquefy the fat cells, thus causing the fat to immediately break down.  As the body is naturally designed to cleanse out toxins, your detoxification systems immediately set to work to remove the liquefied fat cells from your problem areas and pass it out of the body.  As a result, you’ll notice a visible difference in the treatment area over the course of a few weeks – and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll shrink thanks to a few Zerona Zone laser treatments.

The best part about the Zerona laser treatment is that it’s far safer and much more effective than other fat-burning treatments.  Some treatments – such as liposuction – can cause serious tissue damage, while other treatments that claim to destroy fat cells can accidentally stimulate fat growth in another part of the body.  With the Zerona laser, risks of injuries are at an absolute minimum, while this cold laser treatment does not stimulate fat growth.

As you can see, the Zerona laser is far from a gimmick; in fact, it’s one of the best fat-blasting treatments available today. Contact Zerona Zone today or give us a call at 720-384-6710 to learn more.